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Suffering from Rubik's Complex

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4 November
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Well, here I am. I'm a 27 year old Ohio girl. I am a volunteer coordinator and exhibit supervisor for a museum. I'm an evolutionist. I'm a tree hugging hippy. I'm a wench. I'm a pirate (well, really I'm a privateer). I'm a Browncoat. I'm a geek.

I'm me. That's about all.

alan moore, anne bishop, anthropology, archaeology, art, aubrey/maturin, avatars, basking in the sun, bats, beadwork, blogging, books, brights, browncoats, caffeine, carl sagan, cheese, chocolate, classic rock, coffee, comic books, conventions, cooking, costuming, css, dinosaurs, discworld, dragoncon, earth 2, egypt, egyptology, elvish, environmental education, evolution, evolutionary biology, fantasy, firefly, fossils, gaming, geek, geology, good omens, graphics, harry potter, hoarding books, house m.d., html, indian food, indiana jones, informal education, internet culture, ivory towers, knitting, languages, latin, linguistics, literature, lois mcmaster bujold, lord of the rings, lotr, margaret atwood, media studies, movies, mst3k, mummies, museums, music, nanowrimo, natural history, neil gaiman, nightly.net, obscure pairings, outdoors, over the rhine, paleontology, patrick o'brian, pens, photon's crossing, photoshop, pink floyd, pirates, poetry, pyramids, rainy afternoons, reading, red wanting blue, remus lupin, renaissance faires, richard dawkins, rocks, rome, rpgs, sandman, sarcasm, sci-fi, science, science fiction, science museums, severus snape, sewing, shiny things, ships, slacking, slash, sloths, snowy mornings, star wars, star wars chicks, sustainability, swords, tall ships, tea, terry pratchett, thai food, the avengers, the west wing, tortoises, transmetropolitian, urban fantasy, vegetarianism, vertigo, wandering, web design, weblogs, wenching, whispering, writing

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